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Monday, 11 July 2011

Never Ending Story

For once I thought it is not that bad. Better than it ever was. Yet, it is just as clear to me now as always. Nothing changed.

He looks helpless, abandoned and isolated. Isolated from everyone, although he is surrounded by people. Every day he looks exactly the same. Every day he does exactly the same. In pieces. Unfair pieces. So heavy, it is impossible to pick up. And he does not even try- it does not suprise me.

She seems perfectly fine to everyone at first. For sure there is nothing wrong! Beautiful face, although it is defined by sad lines of age. Her petite body properly clothed, yet uncomfortable in whatever she wears. And then she opens her mouth and speaks of impossible wishes, regrets, hate and sorrow. See, there is something wrong! Fear and anger so overwhelming that I cannot see the colour of her eyes. Her voice so tensed that I cannot hear a song when she speaks. Especially not a song of surrender.

How can he clear his mind and gain life which was stolen from him? If only he knew what was going to happen, but he did not know and could not imagine pieces so heavy. Only years later he sees the true colour of her eyes and hears the useless song in her voice. Never ending.

I should go. Leave behind everything said and done to me and my loved ones. How could she say and do all these things? I cannot imagine what must have happened to cause this perfect person outside, but wrotten person inside. I know hurt causes hurt, but still it is a choice. It is a shame.

It could have been perfect. It could have been true. But her decisions and ideas ruin all of that. And come what may, he treats her like a princess while she treats him like a thief.

It is sad to see and difficult to love.

by Letitia Claassen on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 7:38am

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